Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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Just wanted to wish everyone a



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I’m being diligent with my studying hence the closure in comments and the silence.

I’ll be back in full force mid-January.

For now, know that I am around, even if my presence is lacking.

I’m also trying to get “hip” to Instagram, so please follow me there and be sure to provide tips for newbies who are slow with social media and suck at taking photos.

Enjoy this video on Christmas traditions from around the World Courtesy of the New York Post:

[If it is too small, use the link to see the video in larger form]

Everyone be safe and S Rozhdestvom!

That means ‘Merry Christmas’ in Russian, you can watch the video below on pronunciation:

Oh, WHY am I learning how to say Merry Christmas in Russian?

Just because.

We still need to learn some sh*t am I right?

Hope everyone has a safe and pleasant Christmas holiday full of joy, love, and all that crap.

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