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Welcome to The Neuroscience Newbie

I’m Iva or Awesomely Over-Zealous (AwesomelyOZ for short), and I run this joint.

Do you ever wonder about how our brain works and how it helps you function?

Well I sure do and love learning about all things neuroscience and behavior!

Formerly known as ‘Yes I’m Crazy, That’s Why I’m Awesome’, The Neuroscience Newbie is a place to find weekly short + sweet, moderately well-articulated articles about neuroscience and the social sciences.

Currently a “Professional Googler” who plans to enter the field of neuroscience before I take my last breath, I am a parental guardian to few and unlicensed therapist to many.

There are lots of things I seek to understand and as much as I focus on various life experiences, I love researching various topics. I enjoy the process of learning and am constantly striving to do so via my blog.

Upon visiting my blog, I can assure you that you will either learn something or at least be left pondering.

So come on by because unlike Mother Nature, I won’t be screwing you over – I promise it’s always sunny in here.


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